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About Us

Publishing house Turistička naklada d.o.o. from Zagreb was founded in 1997 on the basis of tradition and experience in the tourist publishing, dating back from 1968.
Turistička naklada is the leading publisher of travel guides / monographs, albums and postcards. So far it has published more than one hundred travel guides in more than 20 languages
In words and pictures, our books reflect the historical, cultural, artistic, tourist and natural heritage of Croatia, its cities, regions, islands, national parks, churches, monasteries and shrines. Enriched with photographs of famous Croatian photographers, interestingly written and printed on high quality paper, they are the ideal guide for exploring Croatia.
Pleasing to the eye, with an abundance of information, our travel guides are unique textual and visual unity and a real start for discovering and exploring the extraordinary diversity of both our country, and neighboring countries.